Lord Family Ministry

Sept 2020
A Family Of Eight That Lived By Faith Traveling the USA Singing And Sharing GOD's Love
Andrew, Jasmine, Mary Ann, Grandkids, Bethany, Jo, Savannah, Rachel, Abby, Chris, Kerisa, Joan, Papa Lord, Kerry
We miss you Grandma Jean!
"They will inspire you and love on you in a very special way!"
Peace and Grace in The Name of JESUS!

For over a decade (2002-2013) our family of eight lived by faith and traveled as "singing evangelists"  We were not into doing concerts - we were into doing ministry, and letting GOD do what HE does best!

We used puppets, drama, human videos, object lessons, music and large screen projection to reach all ages with the hope that only comes from The Holy Bible.  It was our dream to see GOD work mighty signs and wonders through our original songs that cut to the heart and dealt with practicle issues.  GOD used this family to show that HE could keep them strong, intact, and pure.  The CREATOR of Heaven and Earth cares for
people, and longs to help them fulfill their calling!

We were privileged to minister in thirty-five States at fairgrounds, parks, prisons, campgrounds, Christian Schools, youth camps, Senior Retirement Communities, truck stops, nursing homes, Para-church ministries, various Native American reservations as well as going into twenty-six different denominations.  GOD allowed us to reached thousands and saw hundreds "born again!"  We did over 1,256 services/concerts logging over 172,000 miles in three different buses and several vans.

We saw GOD orchestrate many divine appointments mostly through vehicle break-downs bringing us to some precious souls who many never step inside a church. 

You can watch, read, and listen about our "Adventure" With The GOD of The Bible under the
Projects Page
.  We pray you will be encouraged to have your own "Adventure With GOD!"

Who are we?