Encouraging those who sense a call

to do the impossible with GOD!

We offer seminars/workshops on the following topics. We come to you or you can come to us!


  • Faith Living - Explore Living By Faith from those who did! Hearing GODs call for your life!
  • Worship Leading - Learn how to lead worship, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading.
  • Want to write a book about your story that glorifies GOD?  We can help!
  • Audio Recording - Let us help you turn out a CD of your orginal songs!
  • Build Your Marriage - Tried & True Marriage Tools.
  • Leadership & Giftings - What is GOD's End Game for Your Game?
  • Family Ties & Parenting - Discover Biblical Parenting Techniques From Parents Of Six Children!
  • Evangelistic Services & Pulpit Ministry.


Kerry & Mary Ann Lord

Future plans include a 100% Club where you can donate to specials projects and 100% of your donation goes to that project giving you the biggest bang for your donation. Examples of planned projects include mission trips, support a child of a martyred parent, some sensitive secret projects.